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Western Bagels

Western bagels I discovered on Instagram. They are pretty popular with the Weight Watcher community on Instagram. Many weight watchers will post what they ate during the day for every meal, so weight loss should be pretty easy right? Please follow me on Instagram. My account: instagram.com/recipediariesww

These bagels are great for making breakfast sandwiches in the morning and that is what I do with them. I’ll stack them with egg beaters, a slice of bacon, and some cheese. The whole breakfast sandwich is 6 smart points. The bagels are pretty decent in size and very filling. Use laughing cow cheese instead of cream cheese because a wedge of Laughing Cow is only 45 calories. I would definitely order these bagels again online. I looked and looked at all the different stores in town here and didn’t find them. Some instagram accounts post a discount so you can get like 15% off your order.

Western Bagel – Perfect 10 Healthy Grain, 1 Bagel – 3 smart points

Western Bagel – Perfect 10 Everything Bagel – 3 smart points

The bagelettes are around 1 or 2 smart points depending on which one you get.

Order online at westernbagel.com or find them at many stores nation wide like Wal-Mart.

Western Bagels

Oh yah, they also make other things like Pita Bread and English Muffins!