WATCH: Finally! A co-working space for “sharks”

Daymond John, investor on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and founder of FUBU, has launched a new venture that he hopes won’t just benefit one investment, but every investment he makes. It’s called Blueprint & Co. and the idea is based off popular co-working spaces such as WeWork, which are often occupied by fledgling startups.

Blueprint & Co. isn’t for your first time “want-reprenuer” as“Shark Tank” co-host Mark Cuban says. Blueprint & Co. is for more mature organizations. This co-working space is designed for people with deep experience and connections, where like minds and easily generate high returns with little effort.

“[If] you’re a start-up and you are [in Blueprint & Co.] it’s ’cause you already have a back, you already have a Daymond John backing, and you’ve already got a capital firming backing you, you’ve already raised $4 million on Kickstarter,” John said during a Salon Talks interview.

John said the inspiration for Blueprint & Co. came when he realized he had too many people to see and talk to, and nothing is centralized. “A guy like me when I go into L.A., I have to now have 900 dinners, lunches, have your people call my people and we never get anything covered,” he said.

Seeking to create the alchemy of serendipity, John said he created Blueprint & Co. to bring together people specializing in various pieces of entrepreneurship. Even as a renaissance man with the many successes, John said he understands his relative inexperience in many specific areas.

“I don’t know everything about computer packaging goods, lotions, so I go in there and I start to learn and talk to a lot of different people,” he said.

John said he sees Blueprint & Co. as an opportunity to extend his knowledge of different industries as much as an opportunity to become more involved with his personal start ups.