Wali Hamid breaks silence on divorce proceedings with Noor

(Web Desk) – Actress Noor Bukhari’s husband Wali Hamid has asked the fans to respect her as she was undergoing the tough decision in her life. The actress had earlier filed for divorce and announced it publicly.

Wali Hamid shared a post on social media where he requested the fans to avoid disrespecting his wife. He said, “With reference to what happened a heartiest humble request to all ‘’Please refrain from commenting negative about Noor, I found my soulmate in her, we had the bestest times of our life together and I still love her, respect her and always will and never want to part ways. Please Please respect our personal feelings and pray for us. God bless you all.”

The singer and actor added a note saying that he had not talked to any media organization in this regard. He believes that it is their personal matter and they should be let alone to decide it. Also, he asked people to stop making negative remarks about his wife.

Noor files case to get khula from Wali Hamid

Noor had earlier filed a case to get khula from Wali Hamid to whom she got married in 2015 and it was her fourth marriage. Wali Hamid, known for his classical singing, took to the big screen with Pakistani film ‘Ishq Positive’ opposite Noor Bukhari.

Her first marriage was with Vikram in 2008 which ended in divorce in 2010. Then she got married with director and producer Farooq Mengal which ended just after four months. Her third husband was PTI leader Awn Chaudhry with whom she married in 2012 and it ended in the same year.