This Mom’s Hilarious Video Sums Up Parenting In 34 Seconds

We all know it’s tough being a mom. There’s so much to do, and it’s pretty tricky trying to get it all done whilst also looking after any number of little people who are relying on you for everything. It’s no wonder funny mom Ashley Gardner’s latest video has the internet in stitches.

Ashley is mom to quadruplet girls and, in a quiet moment, she didn’t want to nap, or do laundry, or work out — she headed straight to the pantry, locked herself in, and treated herself to some secret candy.


Ashley is busy wondering if it’s okay to eat secret snacks in the pantry just for a moment of peace and admitting she just needs five minutes away from her beloved little angels, but her 34 seconds of freedom is already over.

Because they’ve found her.


You can watch the hilarious video in full below, or head to Ashley’s Facebook page for more funny mom stories.