Things That The Media Doesn’t Show About Khyber Agency

Khyber Agency is full of history and natural beauty that gets overlooked sometimes. Take a moment to see they true beauty of this tribal area.

1. Shagai Fort

Shagai Fort

2. Jamrud Fort built in 1823


3. Tirah Valley – lush green trees a beauty to behold

Tirah valley

4. Tirah Village – Peaceful and serene

Tirah Village

5. Plateaus in Khyber Agency – stunning


6. Road to Torkham


7. Tirah Adam Khel

Khel Valley

8. Ali Masjid – Place of solitude and tranquility

Ali Masjid

9. Sphola Stupa – Buddhist ruin that dates back to the 2nd or 5th century AD

Khyber Agency - Sphola Stupa

10. Town of Landi Kotal

Landi Kotal Khyber

11. Playing in the snow in Landi Kotal

Playing in the snow

Just few of the things that are a part of Khyber that we never get to see through the eye of the lens.