One Third of Americans are Planning to Travel in 2017

Stonehenge has been increasing in popularity and to deal with the influx of visitors it has been proposed that building a tunnel underneath it could help with some of the traffic. The idea has been approved by England’s Department for Transport Secretary, but the public is free to comment on the proposal until March.

The proposal reads that “The A303 passes through the Stonehenge World Heritage Site, separating the iconic stones from other Scheduled Monuments and severely limiting the enjoyment of the wider site.”

The $3 billion project would certainly make things a little quieter around the site, but many archaeologists suggest that it’s a terrible idea.

Mike Heyworth, the director of the Council for British Archeology said that we don’t yet know enough about the site to make such a move.

“Stonehenge is arguably the best-known prehistoric monument in the world and we must think hard before we cause irreversible damage to the landscape surrounding it — which contains many nationally important archaeological features which are not yet fully understood.”