London Opens World’s Biggest Lego Store

International visitors to the U.S. are spending four times as much money as domestic tourists are. Reports state that in New York city at any moment 20 percent of the people there are international tourists, and those visitors do a massive 50 percent of the spending.

While less than three out of ten domestic travelers go shopping while in NYC, nine out of ten international ones do. In fact for international tourists shopping actually ranks higher as an activity compared to things like going to museums.

However, the revenue in New York has seen an overall dip following the increased restrictions on U.S. travel. They’re expecting 300,000 fewer visitors in 2017 than in 2016.

Adam Sacks, the president of travel forecasting company Tourism Economics, spoke out about the current travel trends.

“The data are all showing a pretty dramatic shift in behavior and interest. That certainly accelerated since the executive order.”

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