Karachi: Fuel disappears from petrol pumps, citizens worried

KARACHI: (Dunya News) – Petrol and diesel have gone missing on Tuesday on 25 to 30 percent of the petrol pumps in the city while the oil companies claim that they have ample quantities of fuel saved in their stores, reported Dunya News.

People could be seen searching for oil on the roads of Pakistan’s financial hub today. Although the oil tanker owners’ strike has been called off but pump owners say that the situation will come to normal by tomorrow morning only.

Petrol and diesel went missing on various petrol pumps in the city due to 4-day strike by the owners of oil tanker owners and transporters. People indulged into fist fights and verbal abuse at various petrol pumps as they were frustrated in long queues.

Oil tanker owners called off the strike after the provincial government delayed the imposition of sales tax on services for three months. The transportation of fuel has begun in the city now.