Jana Malik happy with divorce, expresses good wishes for Nouman

LAHORE (Dunya News) – Actress Jana Malik has expressed relief on her divorce with Nouman Javed. She told that the real reason behind separation was the lack of mental harmony between the two.

VIDEO: Jana talks about divorce with Nouman Javed

“We decided to part ways on a positive note after realizing that any compromise was not possible”, he said.

The 33-year-old actress expressed good wishes for her ex-husband’s upcoming album and movie. While talking to Dunya News, she admitted that the divorce occurred as a result of mutual consent.

Nouman Javed had recently filed for divorce and media reports had suggested that Jana Malik had moved out of his house. It was revealed later that the two mutually agreed on divorce and parted ways.

Dunya News had earlier obtained the divorce document that was signed by both Nouman Javed and Jana Malik.

The Pakistani artist said, “Nouman is about to launch his new album in which his fans could listen to some really good songs. I wish Nouman all the best despite the separation.”