How to Attract Hedgehogs to Your Garden and Get Rid of Snails and Slugs

How to Attract Hedgehogs to Your Garden and Get Rid of Snails and Slugs {Video}

I do a lot of thinking about my garden projects year round, and winter is no exception. This is when I spend a lot of time researching into 100 expert gardening tips like these and researching hacks for growing my plants.

I also think about garden pests, among which I used to count the hedgehogs which roam around our area. My neighbors told me hedgehogs are pests. These little fluff-balls are so cute it’s the last thing I wanted to believe, but I took it for granted. If everyone else in our area does their best to keep the out of their gardens, shouldn’t I?

Well, maybe not. I did some research on hedgehogs, and they do have some benefits for gardens. They are known for their voracious appetites. If there are ground-nesting birds in your yard, you probably should keep hedgehogs out, but if you are trying to control slugs, grubs, and snails, a few hedgehogs can actually help to maintain the balance of your garden’s ecosystem. That’s right — these little guys remove pests.

So I decided to learn how I can invite them into my garden and care for them, and I discovered an excellent informative video from the Wildlife Garden Project which provides a lot of detail:

Watch this video and you will learn how to let hedgehogs into your garden and how you can build a cozy, safe feeding station where they can nom without the threat of predators! I can’t wait to help these adorable critters out so that they can help my garden out in return. I hope if you have hedgehogs in your garden, you will also enjoy taking care of them with these tips from the Wildlife Garden Project!