How the Super Rich Take Cruises

Some of the typical faux pas many tourists commit when traveling to Sweden!

1. Don’t be Late!
In Sweden it’s considered to be extremely rude.

So you arrive at your hosts house -on time!- and your served with some lovely “rotmos med fläsk” (carrot-mash and pork)

2. Watch your ettiquette!
Don’t start eating until your host says “Skol and welcome”. Also, don’t forget to say “Thank you for last time” the next time you meet your host.

3. Don’t boast!
If you’re the CEO of a company don’t boast about it. Swedes tend to look negatively at personal success according to Jante Law.
Also Don’t Use Highly Animated Body Language! This is the quickest way to irritate the locals, and you can expect to be gently reprimanded if your voice carries over to the next table.

4. Don’t Mention the Finnish Ice Hockey Team
When you are in Sweden, you support the Swedish Hockey team. End of story. This is the safest option, unless you want to start an argument. Don’t mention any other hockey teams. For the time being, you are a Swedish hockey patriot! The Swedes and the Finns have a long and complex history, so anyone not from Sweden or Finland had best leave it at that.

5. Don’t Feel Pressured by Silence!
What you may perceive as an awkward silence, a Swede will perceive as a comfortable pause.
Did you know that Scandinavian countries are among the safest in the world?
They let their 7 year old children walk to school on their own!

6. Don’t Educate the Swedes
This can come across as extremely arrogant, whether you mean to or not. Swedes read a lot and take their education pretty seriously even from a young age. Just try not to look like a foreign know-it-all.

7. Don’t Diss Swedish Beer…;Or Anything Else
Or go on about how much better the beer is back home. In fact, don’t talk about how much better anything is in your home county. They’ll consider it rude and obnoxious.

8. Don’t Invade Personal Space
The Swedes love their personal space. They are not touchy-feely by nature. Don’t stand too close at the cash register or sit next to someone on a bus if there is an available seat elsewhere.

9. Don’t Get Decaf
It’s awful and not always available. Coffee and cinnamon buns give the people a reason to get together and be social especially in Stockholm.

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