Hilton Changes Up their Loyalty Program

Hello and welcome to this weeks comment friday. You know last week, we didn’t appear on a couple of videos?
Well K Sanil picked up on that and says:
Do you know why they both aren’t showing up? Because the glasses guy is evolving into raticate.

Rameez Lalloo saying:
i miss the “nooooooooooo” Make Destination Tips Great Again Bring Back the old theme

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JAY: This weeks Deastination tip:

DIY Phone Amplifier

Don’t want to pack portable speakers on holiday? Go to the toilet.
Bog roll. Cut a slit, celebrate good times!

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Benjamin Kaufman (Ben k) says:
I asked you to do this AND Miami. Plz awnser me.

to which J Tenn 1 replies:
they already did Miami, go look

to which Benjamin Kaufman (Ben k) replies:
I said I suggested this one AND Miami. Numbnuts

“then it gets heated”

J Tenn says:
F*k you too asshole!

and Benjamin Kaufman (Ben k) replies:
Now your sounding like someone from Boston…; “but then he drops” good character.

And J Tenn says
Omg Lol, but really, sorry for my overreaction

Benjamin Kaufman (Ben k)
Your fine

HE SAID SORRY! ON YOUTUBE! This is unbelievable!

Pharaoh Slayer
dude with the glasses is awesome

Abi Gummybears
The glasses guy is my favourite

I love your accent glasses guy

“And it also spills into the shoutout section too!”

Shout out plzzz! I love u guys especially the one with glasses 🙂

Mrwolf 99
Shout out please and can the glasses guy say hi

can I have a shout out pls P.S. how old are you guys what made you start your channel what are your names and where do u come from the guy with the glasses has a nice voice and is cute

DaddyMski says:
Things not to do in the destination tips studio!

Now, on to the rest of the shoutouts:

Pharaoh Slayer
Misty Doggy
Ivan Flores
Emily Hayhoe
Mark Logan
Manpreet Singh
Ronny Smith
Ahmed Elrasheed
Mello :3
Catherine Lavin
jood_ alawadhi