Diana’s butler claims she still visits him in dreams

LONDON (Daily Dunya) – Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell has said that she regularly appears in his dreams.

Paul says that Diana asks him for help to tell the world that she is still alive.

He told The Mirror: “I want Diana to say to me “It’s OK, Paul, live the life you’ve chosen’. But she’s not here, so all I have got is here in my dreams.”

He added: “She tells me things. It’s not scary or flaky, it just happens.

“She comes to me on a regular basis. It just happens. We have no control over our subconscious and I go to sleep sometimes thinking ‘Please don’t come into my dreams’ but then she appears.

“She’s asking ‘Can you help me?’ It’s a cry for help sometimes and then at other times we’re sharing fun and laughter.

“She’ll say ‘When are you going to tell them, Paul, that I’m not actually dead?’”