Amtrak to Offer Free Rides to Pets

Japan recently opened a skating rink that had 5,000 fish frozen underneath its surface, but is being forced to close after the backlash they received for it.

The Space World theme park opened in November and was referred to as an “an aquarium on ice,” with the frozen fish and sea creatures underneath intended to be an educational tool about the species.

However soon after opening the rink started to receive a lot of backlash via social media over having the dead animals in there, to the point that they decided to shut the place down. The organization released a statement and apology on their website, despite the fact that no animals were killed for the rink specifically.

“We seriously take to heart a lot of various opinions. We deeply apologize to all who had unpleasant feelings about the ice aquarium.”

Reports say the rink plans to melt the ice and then hold a service for the dead fish to honor them before turning them into fertilizer.