Airbnb Purchases Luxury Retreats

Recently, a tourism promotion group who operate under the handle NT Unofficial began a marketing campaign designed to promote travel to the Northern Territory. The campaign’s slogan, “I’ll CU in the NT.” The inferred term there isn’t for everybody (though it’s worth noting that the word in question is much less of a problem in Australia than it is in, say, Minnesota). Though the campaign itself might be a gamble, the point of the promotion — to get people to travel to Australia’s Northern Territory — is totally worthwhile. If you’ve never considered a trip to this gorgeous part of Oz, here’s why you should.

1. It’s Massive, So It’s Incredibly Diverse

The Northern Territory covers about one-sixth of Australia, or roughly the same amount of area as France, Spain, and Italy combined. The wide-ranging territory includes an incredible diversity of wildlife and landscapes.