5 Fabulous DIY Projects to Enjoy Pottery Barn Inspired Decor for Less

One of the best things about getting into DIY is that you can create beautiful décor for your home. On our site, we have featured so many amazing projects, everything from these 55 farmhouse furniture and décor ideas to these more contemporary projects. And now I have something new to share with you that I know you are going to love.

5 Fabulous DIY Projects to Enjoy Pottery Barn Inspired Decor for Less

Do you enjoy going to the Pottery Barn? It’s one of my favorite stores. I just love looking at all the cool items they have. The thing I don’t love about the Pottery Barn, however, is their prices. A lot of their stuff is just ridiculously expensive for what it is, even though it is beautiful.

So I was totally stoked when I found this awesome video on YouTube from beeisforbeeauty! It teaches you how you can make some gorgeous décor at home inspired by Pottery Barn designs.

It is amazing how much money some of these décor projects can save you. For example, there is a glass vase you can get for cheap and use as part of one of the projects, but Pottery Barn has a similar vase listed on their site for up to $99 in cost.

So if you are willing to do a little work yourself, you can enjoy the same beautiful type of decor that the Pottery Barn sells for a lot less — and you get to have fun with DIY in the process we have a huge Anthropologie knockoff collection you should check out if you enjoyed these. So that’s a win-win. Enjoy the video, and happy decorating!