18 Posh Pets Who Are Fancier Than You’ll Ever Be

#1. This pup who can outclass the Kardashians.

#2. This little piggy who went wee wee wee all the way to Hollywood.

Hello Weekend! 🎉🎉🎉 I’ve been waiting for you! @shopandapparel

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#3. This sweet little bun who found the perfect hare accessory (sorry).

#4. This pretty princes who wants belly rubs and a crown of jewels.

Happy 2nd birthday to my little Princess Xena, who has the same birthday as me, her human:) 🎈 (Outfit courtesy of @ohmydoggies & @babygrl221_bruce)

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#5. This dapper gentleman who can take a small accessory and paint the town red with it.


#6. This señora who just cannot deal with the paparazzi today.

#7. This kitty who took “put a feather in your cap” literally.

Maxwell thinks the tariffs on fancy hat fabric is too damn high.

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#8. This angel who has got her skirt and her flirt on.

#9. This high-maintenance foodie who is gourmet or nothing.

My cat agreed to be my Valentine by way of fancy dinner bribing

#10. This fluffy fashionista who knows what color works and sticks to it.

#11. This handsome guy who is out to steal your girlfriend.

I put a bow tie on my cat

#12. This knockout in pink who’s like, “Paris Hilton who?”

When you know your outfit is on point

#13. This little lady who is obviously into the finer things in life.

Daisy with lady hat? 🐹👒 #daisythehamham #hamster

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#14. This cat-tivating belle of the ball.

#15. This elegant fella who wants to spend the afternoon in the lounge.

This elegant fella who wants to spend the afternoon in the lounge.

#16. This bright-eyed buster who likes to add a little class to the everyday.

#17. This pup-fessional cutie who knows all his good angles and can strike a pose like no one’s business.

This dignified doggo who knows that when you look good, you feel good.

#18. And this sweet lady who is totally ruff-ined.

Mademoiselle Mia✨✨

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